How to get high quality backlinks | 6 ways by which you get high quality backlink to get high organic traffic.

by on April 3, 2017

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Hello technophile
welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4Infinitity today we will cover the trending topic for every blogger that how to get high quality backlinks.

Do you want to rank on first position on Google?


need high quality backlinks ?
keep reading….

I want to tell you the truth behind how to rank high on Google?

The answer is high quality backlinks.

prove :-

pick up any topic on search on Google and then you will get the list of article pick up the article which is on first position,
copy URL and check its backlinks
that article contain high quality backlinks.

Whenever anyone talk about off site SEO than one word comes how to get quality backlinks.

Backlink play ultimate role in Google search algorithm and search algorithm need trusted website which contain high quality backlinks.

This guide contain most popular faster and easiest way by which anyone create high quality backlinks and rank on google.

Follow this guide i guaranteed that you will notice increase in organic traffic. I notice growth of 60% in 14 days.

These methods are manually experienced to get high quality backlinks.

Apply this 6 method and wait for a month guys you will notice an high organic traffic on your website.

let’s start the process to get high quality backlinks.

Here are 6 way by which you can get high quality backlinks.

1. infographic posting :-

let’s start infographic guest posting step by step

Firstly understand what is infographic ?

infographic is cleared from word info and graphic that is graphic (image) that contain information in the form of chart graph or an image having pictures with words.

Step 1

Create an awesome infographics.

you can easily create infographic with free tools and paid tools.

some free tools to generate infographics are

1 canva
2 piktochart
3 venngage

Keep in mind when you are creating infographic
that is yours is best and unique content.
Appropriate information about topic.

Step 2

Search site related to your infographics if you write about blogging tips then search about that website.

Step 3

Send your infographic to that website. write a mail to that website in professional way writing everything (not more than hundred words) about your infographics.

Step 4

Don’t beg provide valuable content
tell them about your infographic and tell them that you are providing quality content with that infographic.

Step 5

Google algo value for infographic backlink

As you get approved for infographic guest post provided you’re link in that post to get high quality backlink.
now this is very high quality backlinks with respect to Google search algo.
This one backlink is equals many other backlinks.

2. One comment = onedofollow backlink

Blog commenting is the easiest way to get high quality backlinks you just need to comment on a blog post and you get one do follow backlink.

Let me show you how to do blog commenting step by step.

  1. firstly search on Google commentluv blogs
  2. Then you get list of sites which allow blog commenting.
  3. Select site which is related to your site niche
  4. Do a valuable comment so that your comment get approved
    approval takes 1 to 2 days.
  5. In website coloumn provide your article URL instead of your homepage URL because you have to link your article not whole blog.
  6. Now you get one quality backlink do 4 to 5 comments per day.

3. directory submission :-

it is the easiest way to get high quality backlinks you just need to submit your website article to directories.

you need to fill directory submission form that contain your article keyword, URL ,description and simple things.

Here are the list of some Directory on which you can submit your articles is directly latest manually created by @Sharatnik and thanks to him for creating such epic list of blog directories.

when you submit your article to one directory you will get approval after one day and you will get a good backlinks.

so it is a lengthy process but easiest way to get high quality backlinks.

4. guest posting

one quality backlink = 100 other backlink

Through guest posting you will be getting high quality backlinks which is equal to other thousand backlinks.

you just need to do guest posting twice a month that mean two post in a month and by which you will get two Amazing high quality backlinks.

you need to find out the website that allow guest posting and related to your niche and that website is of high quality and then from that website you will get really important backlink.

This method is most powerful method to create high quality backlinks and this one make your website rank higher in search engine.

5. broken links

This method help you to get high quality backlinks with less work.

I will show you step by step process how you can create quality backlink with broken Link method.

Step 1

There are many website daily move from one name to another or shutdowns.

You have to find these website by keeping eye in industry or by searching in Google news ‘rebrands’.
you will get many moved websites.

step 2

Now next steps is to find out the link of that shutdown website.

you can easily get that links from it is a paid tool

step 3

Now you can create backlinks to the site which are still link to shutdown site you can suggest them to add URL link in place of that broken link.

literally that backlinks are just amazing and are of high quality.

This is an amazing way to get high quality backlinks.

6. fiverr

it is an paid method by which you can get high quality backlinks

if you don’t want to get backlink through your own efforts then this method is helpful for you

Just log into and search for do follow backlinks

you can easily place an order from a list of Orders

Before placing order keep in mind check the ratings and work of backlink generator and reads reviews before placing order.

After placing order you have to pay from your PayPal account and you will get high quality backlinks.

Follow about guide to get high quality backlinks i guaranteed you will get result in a month and a huge traffic growth.

don’t give up keep testing…!

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ta ta..!


trick is useful , but popular blogs doesnt approve guest post . i tried in shout me loud . but they rejected . will you allow ??

you are amazing. such a good information about SEO. i was just wondering to get information about SEO you gave it to us. you are such an amazing guy. thanks a lot

Can you please help me by telling how to write a good guest post and also about directory submission…

Ya surely i will help you.
You can easily submit you article to directories by just providing little bit info about your acticle(like article url discription etc) and you can get list of directories in above article. You have to fill a simple form and you get a dofollow backlink.
And in guest posting provide useful content with quality images keep article simple and useful you will get approved.
I will make an article on how to write good guest post.
See you..!

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