How to get free traffic on your WordPress blog or website. | 10 best practical tips to increase traffic by 20 % in a month.

by on March 8, 2017

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Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4infinitity. Today we’ll talk about the most important topic that every beginner and almost everyone want to know how to get traffic to a website ?

Would you like to have 10K daily view on your website ?

And also

Would you like to notice traffic growth within 30 days ?

Yes, because everyone who owns a website have a dream to get unlimited traffic on his or her website.

But the question is how ?

To get genuine reason keep reading you will get answer in next two to three minutes.

Read carefully…

I personally used these tips and I notice a huge growth in traffic.

You just need to read and apply these tips have patience traffic can’t comes in a week, wait for a month.

Don’t pay for traffic you can get it free.

Let’s start getting traffic…

Here are 10 best tips to generate free traffic on your website by 20% in a month.

1. Quality content = quality traffic.

Your content must be your own don’t copy anyone’s content.

If you writes a quality content than it engage more users and also if your content is evergreen then it contribute to traffic growth.

First Things to explain your topic briefly so that reader get all information at one place.

if you are writing a post of 600 words then increase your post lenght and explain briefly.

Make sure that your content contain quality images and vedio. it make overall impression on readers.

Make your content interactive And write content like you are really talking to a person which involve user engagement.

Keep in mind that reader should easily read your post that mean good readability use headings subheadings and Bullet points .

Update your content periodically

Quality content serve you better.

2. SEO Traffic :-

This factors serve 70% of your overall traffic.

So let’s know how SEO works ?

Also see full SEO guide

Your post must contain keywords in heading, subheading, meta description and in your whole content.

Your post must be snippet rich

Website loading speed should be high

Your blog must update time to time.

Remove broken links from your post.

Your content have high keyword density.

Optimise your image using free

wordpress plugins install SEO by yoast it provide you over all SEO.

Through yoast SEO plugin you can easily identify your post readability score keyword score your post live preview to improve your post.

If your post is optimised and it take some time to show result it is not an instant process. Do Optimisation and wait for a month

Search Engine Optimisation provide you to rank higher and it will generate more traffic to your website.

3. Share post get most :-

Sharing your post on social media give you an instant traffic after you publish your post share on Facebook page, Google Plus page, Twitter account, Pinterest, LinkedIn account

you can easily notice traffic after sharing post after you share your post on Google plus you get 10 to 20 views in 5 minutes

that’s not bad

share your post on Facebook groups that are similar to your topic it increase your followers and traffic.

Follow on Twitter the most popular blog which write related to your topic and follow their follower it will help you to create link with readers and Twitter is a good platform to earn healthy traffic.

You can also install buffer app for one click sharing on all your social media accounts.

Sharing offers 4 to 5 % traffic to your website.

4. Guest post :-

If you are new blogger than this is an right option to bring readers on your blog.

Guest blogging is to post your content on others blog which is getting high traffic and write on same topic.

If you want to post on other blog then mail them they will contact you if they like your content than they will post it on their blog with your description .

Keep in mind one thing that if you are going to do guest posting than write super quality content that will be more benefit for your website .

Start guest blogging and that will work surely.

5. Comment and make them comment :-

This is the most powerful method to make your blog popular

you must have an ability to make people comment on your blog by asking question and making your post interactive so it will engage readers and increase traffic

and also

comment on other famous blogs that write on similar topics

don’t comment spam on other’s blog or one line comment

Always post genuine comment and reasonable comment that make other people to visit your blog.

always comment in top 5 comments.

subscribe to that block so that you get notification as they post a new content

start commenting now.

6. Consistent posting pay Consistent :-

Now in 2017 google also include one factor that the blog who are consistent posting rank higher in the search page

Consistency plays an important role to engage users.

If you write consistently reader will trust you and your brand and increase your subscriber .

If you post five post a week then keep in mind that you have to post five post a week dont reduce consistency level.
You must write 4 to 5 post a week thats a good number.

Check out the successful bloggers they write consistently and rank high observe the statistics.

So the rule is post consistently and get consistent traffic.

7. Create email list :-

Start from starting…

If you created a new blog or blogging from years the main thing is to generate constant traffic for that convert your readers to subscribers.

How it should be possible ?

Use subscribe to our newsletter button on your blog and also use popup follow us plugins which increase chances to convert readers to subscriber.

There are many free plugins which are really good and help to increase your subscribers and you have to interact with your subscriber to make them engage with your website.

You can also use constant contract plugins to send email to your subscriber list on one click it is a free plugin.

So to get high traffic create your email list.

8. Internal linking :-

It provide you to engage users and get stuck to your website.

Google also rank higher those websites who have more time spending users on website

Interlinked your post to your own website posts so that user goes deep into your website and spend more time on your blog.

You can link your blog post to 4 to 5 level deep it is quite good number.

Interlinking also make good impression on readers and from this user get everything from one post.

It sounds good.

9. Google analytics :-

It help you to know your audience and what your audience want from you.

You can easily install google analytics plugin and know about who is your audience ? how they are using your website ? how much time they spend on your site ? number of view on each post? and overall statistics of your website to know more and it will help you to improve the area which need improvement.

Its stat dashboard motivates you to improve your post and get more visitors to your website.

So it is an free plugin and easy installation process.

Install now and start improving…

10. Have patience :-

After you are done with all nine tips the most important one is have patience

Nothings comes in a day so have patience
And let these tips to do rest of the task.

Dont give up.

Because in the beginning every blogger suffers from this situation and after a while you surely notice the growth

I personally recommend you to apply these tip and you will get result soon.

So these are the 10 tips by which you can get traffic to 20 % in a month.

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