How to earn money online. | 5 genuine ways to earn money online[without investment].

by on March 7, 2017

earn money online

Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4infinitity. Today you will know about 5 genuine ways by which you can earn money online [without investment].

I read many articles about earn money online and they are just making us fool.

Firstly I tried those method but at the end I realise that money making online is not that simple from those fake methods.

Do you want to make good money through Internet ?

If yes then I bet this article would change your life….

After many failure I researched many ways to make money online and then I got these 5 genuine ways to earn money online.

These 5 methods are fully secure, genuine and trustable to earn money online.

I personally experience these methods and you can also earn good money through these tips.

But one thing to keep in mind is that no one become millionaire in one day.

So the main thing is to have patience and do your job with dedication.

I guaranteed that you would get your first check soon.

So let’s start earning….
Here are five most trusted and genuine ways through which you can earn money online by doing some hours work.

1. Blog or website :-

earn money online

You can earn good money online through your blog.


Early when I read these type of articles i also skip and thinking that it cant work.

But it is the finest way to earn write about anything you know.

it’s so simple.

write on any topic like technology, fitness blogging tips, any kind of tips and tutorials and many more .

What to do ?

Firstly select an topic and write about 500 to 600 words on that topic.

Make a blog account on blogspot[dot]com it is totally free and post your article on it after posting 10 to 15 posts you are eligible for signing up for Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense and how one can earn money online from it ?

Now when your account is running and you are eligible for signing up for AdSense.

Now simply sign up for AdSense and if your blog fulfill the criteria of Google AdSense.

They will approve you to show ads on your blog and then anyone who visit to your blog and click on ads you will get paid.

It is totally free process you just need to write and you will earn money online while sleeping.
It sounds good..

Start writing today and I guaranteed that you will earn good money.

you can also make your own website
but as a beginner you should start through .

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2. YouTube :-

earn money online

Turn your passion into money


if you have any talent like singing, mimicry, acting or you have any kind of knowledge than make a video and post it on YouTube.

You can also make any kind of video like prank video and tutorial videos and any kind of video but make sure it is your own content.

YouTube is a good platform to earn good money online and many YouTuber earning lot of money through their videos.

What to do ?

First you have to make a channel on YouTube it is very easy and free of cost.

After Creating your channel post video on it and after posting 10 to 15 videos same signing process for google adsence.

How AdSense work for YouTube ?

After you post 10 to15 videos then sign up option appears and simply fill sign up form and submit it.

Google AdSense see your account if you are fulfilling the criteria of AdSense then you will get approval.

you already know that videos there are ads running in between the videos.

When you got approved Google show ads on your video and whenever anyone watch your videos you will get paid.

There are many YouTuber earning huge amount through YouTube

so start today it’s so simple stop thinking start doing and i guaranteed that you will earn good amount of money.

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3. Affiliate marketing :-

earn money online

Through affiliate marketing many people earning huge amount of money.

You just need to get little knowledge about affiliate marketing and earn money online.

Recently this market is highly growing market in the world and one can easily earn with little knowledge.

What to do ?

To earn money online through affiliate marketing you just need to have one website that’s it and nothing to do.

How It works ?

If you have a website then there are many affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay you can choose any affiliate program .

Simply sign up for the program And as you signed up you have to promote their product on your website.

How to promote ?

Simple choose the product from categories of 100 products and on your affiliate account dashboard there is an option to get a referral link through that option you get referral link and simply you have to put that link on your website

Now your task is over.

Now anyone who visit to your website and click on that referral link of product and buy it you will get Commission.

This is the most finest way to earn huge amount of money

if you have a website that start today it is totally free process.

If you don’t have a website then you can make your own website in 10 to 15 minutes it’s so simple.

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4. Freelancing :-

earn money online

It is a platform for anyone who want to earn money online from home through Internet and have a little bit technical knowledge like transcription, article writing, logo designing, web designing and many more.

what to do ?

you have to register on freelancing websites like freelancer, upwork and many more websites are available.

From this freelancing websites you can earn just by creating your profile and then you can easily apply for any job of your interest and you can also adjust your working hours salary like $5 per hour.

this is an awesome platform for any freelancer and you can easily earn money by simply registered on these websites.

How it is work ?

Go to websites like freelancer upwork update all your professional information and create your professional profile .

Then click on find jobs and you will see jobs of your interest and apply for it.

As you apply for any job then interviewer see your profile and contact you then you will easily fix your salary and time of work

it is very easy process and I personally seen many people earning from this freelancing websites and I also seen their income proof.

Create your profile today and start earning is a totally free process.

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5. Sell your product online :-

earn money online

Now a days many E-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay and many more offering anyone to sell their products on their portal

you can select any product and sell on this platform with ease.

It is a free registration process if you have any product like shoes, cloth any accessories or anything you want to sell you can easily become seller on these famous platforms.

What to do ?

Go to these Websites and click on start selling then there is a form fill it and their Support Team call you and guide you.

It is an easy process anyone can start selling on this platforms.

How it work ?

As your registration process is complete then your products live on their portal.

Anyone can order your product if someone make purchase with your store then Amazon or Flipkart or any other website take some commission from your product price and it is about 15% varies from Product to product .

And rest amount is transferred to your registered bank account.

From this platform anyone can sell their products with ease and then Support Team handle all the issues and problems.

I personally sell on Amazon and it is an fine platform to earn money online .

Get registered and start selling today.

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These are genuine and most trusted ways to earn money online.
Many people are earning money from these methods.
Start today and have patience.

If you have any query about above methods to earn money online then you can comment below.
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Ta ta !

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