The Complete Guide To Guest Blogging. (Step By Step)

by on April 11, 2017

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Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of we are going to know exactly that

What is guest blogging?

How to find blogs which allow guest blogging?

How to select blog from a list of blogs for guest blogging?

What is the correct way to apply for guest blogging?

What are key elements keep in mind to get easy approval for guest blogging?

Now the question is

Do you want unlimited visitors every day?


Do you have desire to get high high quality backlinks?


Want to earn more?

Everyone wants…

Then you are at right place

To get high quality backlink one of the very popular and effective and also fastest way is guest blogging.

so it is an important part of blogging.

This is the complete guide to guest blogging. In which I will tell you step by step solution of every guest blogging problem. And also we will cover every aspect of guest blogging.

In the next 10 minutes you will know everything about guest blogging so

Keep reading………

Let’s start the process…

Here is the complete guide to guest blogging. How you get unlimited traffic and quality backlinks…!

1). What Is Guest Blogging?

Let’s start from starting…

Guest blogging is if you have a blog and you write a unique content for other blog.

i.e you can post your content on others website with your introduction and your website mentioned in that post.

For guest blogging make sure that your content must be unique and also adding value to other’s blog.

Guest blogging will help your blog to get more traffic because when people reads your post on other high traffic holding blog then they knows about you and they will come to your blog if you writes an valuable content

This will surely increase your blogs traffic.

As your name and website mentioned in that guest post (i.e on other high traffic blog) from that you will earn a high quality backlink. That backlink is of high quality and

This will surely improves your google ranking.

Now I am sure that you will knows about what is guest blogging let’s move to next question…….

2). How To Find Blogs Which Allow Guest Blogging?

Now after what is guest blogging you have a question in mind that how to find blogs which allow guest blogging.

That is so simple…

I will show you 5 methods by which you will get list of blogs which allow guest blogging.

a). One Solution For All Problem –Google Search:-

It is an easy way to get blogs only you want an internet connection….

Only you have to replace keyword with you niche topic

Here is the List of search strings……

Keyword “submit a guest post”

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest post by”

Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Keyword “guest post guidelines”

Keyword “writers wanted”

Keyword “articles wanted”

Keyword “become an author”

Keyword “become guest write

Keyword “contribute to our site”

Keyword “guest column”

Keyword “submit content”

Keyword “submit your content”

Keyword “guest post courtesy of”

These strings will help you to find out list of blogs related to your niche.

b). Social Media:-

You can also search for blogs which allow guest blogging on twitter and also on google+.

Now a days these two platforms are very popular for bloggers you can easily get useful results from these social platforms.

You have Just enter string “keyword + guest blogging” in search bar of these social platform from this you get valuable blogs which allow guest blogging.

c).Through Reverse Backlink Method:-

This is most useful way by which you can get your competitor backlinks and through that backlink you can easily get the website.

How it can be done?

You can get backlinks of any website by using tool

After that you can apply for guest posting to that website and you get backlinks from your competitor website. This method is very useful and fast to grow your website.

d).Blog Comments:-

This also an easy method by which you will get blogs for guest blogging.

How it works?

On your blog many blogger comments and you don’t know how to get benefit from that comments.

You should mail them and ask them for guest blogging this is quite easy way to find blogs.

e).Popular Guest Bloggers:-

This is quite good option to find quality blog which allow guest blogging.

I will show you how?

You know some of the popular bloggers in this blogging industry you just need to search in google blogger name + guest post by you get all site on which these popular blogger do guest blogging.

This is the best way to get quality blogs for creating guest post and from this you will get high PR backlink.

From this step 2 you get the list of blogs for guest blogging

Now the important one …….

3). How To Select Blog From A List Of Blogs For Guest Blogging?

This is the step by which you can decide the quality of backlink you will getting in the future.

So follow these step to find out which is the best blog from the list of blogs for guest blogging.

  1. Make sure that the site is related to your site i.e write on same topic.
  2. Check that site is a real brand and have long follower list.
  3. Check the Alexa ranking of that site.
  4. You have to become familiar before apply to guest posting by doing valuable comment and follow them on twitter and Facebook.
  5. You have to know about the content they want by reading the past articles on their blog.
  6. Check all the guest post on that blog check who are the guest blogger.
  7. Check the audience of that blog that what they want and they are enough to make out more from that blog.
  8. Blog must have high follower on social media.
  9. Blog should be contributing from last past years and also having quality posts and reader love them.
  10. Now what are you looking for let’s prepare the email to contact the blog for guest blogging.

4). What Is The Correct Way To Apply For Guest Blogging?

Now finally you get the blog for guest blogging…!

After this hard work no one wants rejection.

So what is the right way to contact the blog owner for guest blogging?

Right way is to email them

But what is the correct way to email them?

I will show you the way by which you will get approval for posting….

Exactly how I done…

Note:- you can also send them a complete article at once.

Hi (blog owner name),


I’m a long time reader. You may have noticed my comment on your post on X (awesome article by the way).


I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to (blog name).


I’ve been researching on some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:


-Idea #1


-Idea #2


-Idea #3


I’ll make sure the piece overflows with information that can’t be found anywhere else.


To give you an idea of the quality I’ll bring to your site, here’s a link to a guests post that I recently published on (blog name).


Thank you, have a good time.

Your name

That is the way to contact. Its look professional and from this you will make reader to read and think on your article. And increase chances of approval and it also depend on your content it providing value or not.

So now you got approval for guest blogging the final step is how to write effective content for instant approval for guest blogging.

Let’s go to finale…!

5). What Are Key Elements Keep In Mind To Get Easy Approval For Guest Blogging?

This step add value to your website traffic because when people read your article if they got engage in the article they want to read your more article and come to your website and also the result is increases the number of follower, increases traffic, add value to search engine, plus backlinks.

So what are the key elements to keep in mind when writing a guest post?

  1. Keep your post readability good.
  2. Write a long post of about 1500 words and explain things briefly and with ease.
  3. Use quality images and Video if necessary (don’t add so many images).
  4. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors this put impact on readers.
  5. Link your article internally.
  6. Research about your audience and write a content in that language which is easily understand by readers.
  7. Put your website link and social profile link in that article in introduction section to get quality backlink and this will increase your social followers.
  8. Don’t mention yourself in the article many times you are not doing your advertisement.
  9. Don’t include any other affiliate link in article.
  10. After your post is published keep an eye on that reply to comments and keep an contact with that post.

So these are the key elements you have to keep in mind while writing a guest post.

If you want to submit a guest post go to ‘contact us’ and also send your ‘guest post idea’.

Hope you get all guest blogging related problems solution.

This is the complete guide for guest blogging.

If you like it or have any query or suggestion comment below.

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Ta ta ….!


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