The complete wordpress guide for beginners. How to create a wordpress blog to maximize your earnings (step by step guide).

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Hello technophile

Welcome to another edition of tech4infinitity. In this edition you will get to know about all basic concepts required to start a WordPress blog (step by step guide).

Do you still thinking how to start earning from wordpress blog?


Do you still using BlogSpot for blogging? ( time to move on WordPress).


Want to start a new WordPress blog?

If yes

Then keep reading…….

In the next 10 minutes you will get to know about how easy is to create a WordPress blog.

10 minutes reading + 30 minutes applying = 40 minutes a new WordPress blog.

Yes seriously you can design your WordPress blog within 40 minutes with no technical knowledge required. And you can make out you living with your wordpress blog if you are a passionate blogger.

In this complete guide to how to create a WordPress blog you will get step by step procedure.

Now what are you going to get in the next 10 minutes?

Steps to create a WordPress blog

  1. About WordPress (free v/s paid).
  2. Select a valuable topic (niche).
  3. Domain
  4. hosting
  5. Connecting domain and hosting.
  6. Installing WordPress.
  7. Essential setting after installing WordPress.
  8. Theme installation.
  9. Plugin installation.
  10. Recommended plugins.
  11. Post your first article.


Now let’s start the process how to apply each step in detail…..

Here is the complete guide how to create WordPress blog within 30 minutes (step by step guide).

Step 1.

About WordPress (free v/s paid).

Every new blogger is get confuse between the wordpress free and paid version. is free and is paid

Let’s compare between both of them and find out which one is better for you…. (free)


  1. It is a free platform for blogging.
  2. In you don’t need to buy any hosting because it provide storage up to 3GB.
  3. In you don’t need to take tension of updates backup and other maintenance issue they will take care for all issues.


  1. In there is a limitation for theme usage. You are restricted to use limited themes which is authorize by you can’t modify or customize theme.
  2. In you can’t upload any plugin. You can only use built-in-plugins.
  3. In free version you are not eligible to sell ads until you reach 25000 page view per month. (paid).


  1. In you have thousands of themes and if you want any modification or customization you are free to do.
  2. You can install or upload plugins from thousands of plugins.
  3. You can monetize your blog anytime there is no page view condition.


  1. It is a paid platform for blogging.
  2. In you have to take care of all you site backups and updates.
  3. In you need to buy hosting for your domain to keep your file on the hosting.


Now the conclusion is if you want to create a personal blog than free is best and if you want to create other website for earning than paid is best.

I personally recommend (paid) because of its features and freedom to use or extend its value.

Now I think you know about paid and free feature of wordpress.

So let’s move to next step which is most important step to create a wordpress blog

Step 2

Select a valuable topic (niche).

To select a valuable topic you have to do question to yourself….

In which field I am interested?

If you start writing on your interest topic then you never get bored and you get enough interest to write and learn more and more.

If you select a topic by watching what others are doing then a times comes when you got frustrated and quit the job.

So select the topic in which you have some knowledge and want to learn more.

Research topics what audience wants?

You have to search for trending topic categories and what is audience looking for?

Select only one topic because blogging on multiple topic is not good for SEO point of view.

I will recommend the list of some topics to start with…..

  1. Education
  2. Service or product review
  3. Cooking recipes
  4. Technology
  5. Gaming
  6. Travel guide
  7. Visiting places
  8. Music
  9. Sports
  10. Jokes and quotes
  11. Bollywood and Hollywood
  12. Latest news
  13. Politics
  14. Tutorial on topics for beginners.

These are the categories which I recommend if you have any other then you will start your wordpress blog with other topic. But keep in mind that the niche is of your interest.

Step 3


In this section we will know about how to choose a domain name and how to buy it?

How to select domain name?

Domain name is your blog url by which people search your blog

So there are some points to keep in mind while selecting a domain name.

  1. Always select a .com domain.
  2. Don’t try to make it complicated for user
  3. Keep it simple so that everyone find it easily
  4. Avoid misspelled, lengthy name, complicated pronunciation, don’t use number or other character
  5. Don’t use other trademark logo or name.
  6. If you are using your name than it is good for personal blogging otherwise select other name to make it brand.

Now how to buy domain?

This is quite easy step

There are many domain providers and they offering different plans

I personally use godady domain which you will get in 99 INR for a year

Here is a link to buy domain from goddady

click here to buy domain

Just click on the link and search for you domain name availability and then add to cart.

Now your domain is ready…!

Now next step is to select hosting which keep your files.

Step 4


Hosting is required keep all your files.

When you request any url your browser send request to website server then website server receive and respond to request and then you get the content of that url you searched for in your browser.

There are also many hosting provider which offering many plans

I personally use godaddy hosting which is quite good

Its plans starts from 200 INR to 600 INR per monthly select according to your need.

You can buy hosting from your domain account search for Linux web hosting and select your plan and add to cart and buy it.

Now you have two essential things to start a self-hosted WordPress blog that is domain and hosting.

Moving to next step….

Step 5

Connect your domain and hosting

This is an automatic process just follow the steps to connect domain and hosting.

  1. Logging to godaddy account.
  2. Go to your product page.
  3. Click on hosting you buy in above step.
  4. Then you got an option select domain to connect with hosting.
  5. From dropdown select your domain.
  6. Click on connect
  7. Then it take 2-5 minutes to complete the process and then you get you c-panel account.

Now your c-panel is ready and your domain and hosting is linked.

Now next step…

Step 6

Installing WordPress

In above step you got your c-panel account.

Now in your c-panel account showing many application you will see WordPress blog or you can search manually.

Steps to install WordPress

  1. Click on WordPress blog
  2. Click on install button it take few minutes to get installed.
  3. Now enter some basic info like your blog name, headline, your email id, WordPress admin username and password.
  4. Submit it.
  5. Now WordPress is installed.
  6. Go to backend of WordPress you get direct link for that in your application column.
  7. Now you are at your WordPress dashboard.

After installing WordPress you have to do some settings which is essential for new WordPress blog

Now the next step….

Step 7

Essential settings after installing WordPress.

As you install WordPress now do some settings which is important for every WordPress blog.

  1. Delete all inbuilt post comments and pages
  2. Go to settings > permalinks and set post name as a default permalink
  3. Go to settings > general Add time zone to Kolkata, your website name and tag line.
  4. Go to settings > reading > mark front page display as your latest post
  5. Go to settings > writing and Update WordPress ping list
  6. Set up your profile go to users > all users > edit.
  7. Go to pages > add new and add essential pages like about us, privacy policy, contact us and disclaimer.


Now after all essential settings let’s know how to install theme on wordpress blog.

Step 8

Installing theme

There are many free and premium themes available on wordpress

You can select any theme but I recommend a list of top 10 themes

Click here to get

top 10 free wordpress theme….

How to install theme on wordpree blog step by step

  1. Go to apperence > theme > add new.
  2. Search theme and simple tap on it or if you have any other theme just click on upload button to select file and upload it
  3. Install it and Activate it.

Simple 3 steps to install theme.

Step 9

Installing plugin

Plugins are tools which increases WordPress functionality.

Click here to get plugin list

Here are list of 20 most important plugins every WordPress blog needs…

Steps to install plugin

  1. Go to plugins > add new
  2. Search for a plugin in search box or if you have any plugin on your desktop simple upload it.
  3. Install it and activate it.

So now your plugins are also installed.

So the next step is the list of plugins which I used in my WordPress blog

Step 10

Recommended plugins

  1. Akismet anti-spam – used to protect your blog from spam.
  2. Autoptimize – speed up website.
  3. Cloudflare – speedup and protect your site.
  4. Contact form 7 – used to add contact and other forms.
  5. FD feedburner – redirects all your feed to feedburner.
  6. Google analytics – track your visitors.
  7. Jetpack – do multitask.
  8. manageWP – for backup data.
  9. PushEngage – for push notification.
  10. SEO friendly images – add alt attribute to your media.
  11. Shareholic – for social sharing
  12. Shortpixel image optimizer – optimize images.
  13. W3 total cache – used for speed up and cache clear.
  14. WordPress database backup – database backup
  15. Yoast SEO – real time SEO analysis.

So these are the plugins which I used.

Step 11

Start posting great article

Now your wordpress blog is ready. And you can earn a good money from your wordpress blog

Keep writing good content .

Don’t quite the job

So this is the complete step by step WordPress guide for new bloggers. Create your WordPress blog now…!

If you like it share it

And having any kind of problem comment below or contact us.

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Ta ta….!




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