Complete Google adsense tutorial 2017 | how to make money through monetize your website ? Tips and tricks to get easy adsense approval in 3 days | signup procedure for google adsense in 2017.

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Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4infinitity. Today you will know about :-

What are the major reason behind the adsense disapproval and how to avoid it ?

How to get instant approval from google adsense ( latest tips of 2017 ) ?

What is the latest signup procedure of google adsense in 2017 ? And

How you can easily monetize your website through google adsense in 2017 ?

Do you want to get approval in just one try and in just 3 days ?

Then this guide contains all pros and cons of google adsense approval. And complete google adsense guide.

Now in 2017 google adsense signup process is quite simple but

To get approval you need to be tricky and have to do some extra work.

In this guide there is a step by step solution of every problem related to google adsense.

If you want to earn through website than google adsense is the best method to monetize your website.

It share 70-30 of overall revenue i.e you will get 70% and google keep 30%.

Google adsense is the most highly paid advertising network.

Everyone owns a website have a dream to get google adsense account.

This guide contain my personal experience how i get google adsense approval. there are secret tips and tricks which i got from my personal experience.and today i want to share with you to help you to get instant approval.

So let’s start the process…..

Here is the complete guide to deal with google adsense .

It covers all four corners of google adsense we will uncover all one by one and step by step….

Read all points carefully…

1. Google adsense rejection reasons :-

a). Content :-

Main reason behind rejection is your content.


content is insufficient i.e you have less number of posts or less word per post.

Your post contain copyrighted content or images.

Your content is not unique, useful or meaningful to users.

Content contains spellings or grammatical errors.

b). Website design :-

Make sure that your website is well designed and have fine colours and easy readability for users.

Your website must having better navigation to users so that user get most out from your website through navigation menu.

Avoid using inappropriate colours which are not user friendly like dark yellow colour.

Use proper theme and widgets.

c). Inappropriate content :-

In google adsense eligibility criteria there is clearly written that avoid content which reflect poor impact on society.

Your content must not contain any pornography, gambling, hacking, selling some illegal content so avoid all that stuff.

Your content is written in that language which is supported by google adsense.

d). Invalid clicks and traffic :-

Keep in mind that you should not click on your own stuff to increase your pageview that is against the google adsense policy.

Also avoid paid traffic because google adsense not approve those who are using paid traffic or inappropriate way to get traffic.

Use only organic traffic and sharing traffic.

Dont cheat google because it knows everything.

e). Personal info :-

Make sure that before applying to adsense that you are above 18.

If you are not then use your elder identity to apply for google adsense.

Provide full address with street name house number and postal code correctly.

Provide all real info to google to get instant approval.

2. Tips to get google adsense approval in 2017.

a). Again content, content and content :-

If you have high quality content and have not much more then it is also easy to get approval

What is high quality content ?

Write unique content not copied from anywhere

Use high quality image and video.

Make sure that your content have 800+ words.

Make sure before applying for google adsense that your website contain 20-30 high quality posts.

If you fulfil above content criteria then let’s move further.

b). Add pages :-

Your website must have these pages like about us contact us privacy page and disclaimer.

Google adsense wants to know that the owner of this website is real or not. So use about us page with your picture on that and your address phone no and email id so that google easily trust you.

Contact us page let knows google that your services are good and you are in contact with your users.

Add privacy page that knows google that you are using safety measures for your user data.

These pages must contain 300+ words.

Add all these pages and use  navigation menu this will help to get clear website design.

c). Avoid other ads network :-

Avoid different ads networks because it shows  impact on google that you only want approval for money.

So apply for google adsense with no ads networking.

d). Domain age, Domain quality and Domain specific email :-

Must consider the fact that your domain must be 45 days old because google adsense can not approve new domains.

Make sure that you are not using any free domain services that is not for security purpose and you will not get approval with free services.

Your domain quality must be good like .com  .in .info not .ak .dj .ms etc

Use domain specific email address and apply from that email only.

It is the method by which many people got approved.

Like [email protected] this looks quite professional. You can get this type of email address from free services.

e). Theme, site loading speed and traffic :-

Use adsense friendly themes because google approval process also depends on theme factor.

Use theme which have capacity to hold ads.

Make sure your website load fast because adsense want to provide better experience to their users .

Make sure that your site getting some traffic daily if your site getting nil traffic that adsense can’t approve you because adsense put ads on your site to be seen by some users.

You must have 50+ daily page view.

f). Seo and backlinks :-

Also read full seo guide.

Your website should be search engine optimized  it will help you to get approval.

Your website must have some interlinking.

Backlinks are the key to get good traffic make sure that your website have some high quality backlinks to get approval.

Now you are familiar with all rejection reasons and all tips and tricks to do before applying for google adsense.


3. What is the sign up procedure for google adsense in 2017 ?

Before applying for adsense follow the above guide to get approval in 3 days.

Sign up is a 5 step process….


  1. Go to and login into your gmail account click on next.
  2. In next page you have to enter your website url and select your language and continue
  3. Then in next page you have to enter your personal information like address name business account time postal code etc. Fill them. And submit.
  4. Agree all the terms and conditions by checking all boxes and click agree button.
  5. In the next page there is an overall details you entered check one more time.

Must use domain specific email for play role in approval process.

Now submit it.

Your request is submitted…!

It take 2-3 days to review your application and then they send you an confirmation email of approval.

Than login into your adsense account and there is an ad html code copy that code and put it on your website. It shows blank ads don’t remove it.

After that adsense review your website and gives you an final approval after 7-10 days after you add that code to your site.

Then your account is fully approved .


Now there is an simple address verification process in which when you have 10$ in your account adsense send you an pin code to your verify address to verify address.

Put that pin code into your adsense account and after that you get address approval.

Enter your tax and payment information.

Then you will able to transfer money to your bank account as you reach 100$ mark.

So this is the complete procedure of how to signup for google adsense in 2017.

After you got approved you can easily monetize your website.

4. Website monetization :-


Adsense shows ads on your post after you approved and anyone who visit your website and click on ads you will get paid.

You don’t need to put ad adsense show appropriate ads on your website.

8Google adsense is the best way to monetize your website.

So this is an complete guide for google adsense.

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Thanks for this informative article
I have already applied without adding a privacy policy page
My application will be accepted or rejected??

Thank you rahul.
Now you already applied for adsense wait for result.
If your request is rejected then apply again with proper guide.
Hope you get approved.

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