Complete guide how amazon pay you. | 4 ways by which you can easily earn money from amazon.

by on March 9, 2017

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Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4infinitity. Today you will know about how you can easily earn money through Amazon.

This is an complete guide contains 4 way by which you can earn good money through Amazon.

Do you want to earn 10k per month ?


Do you want to earn by doing some hours work ?

If your answer is yes than,

you are spending your valuable time at right place .

In this guide you will able to know step by step procedure of four ways by which you can earn through Amazon.

Amazon is the best marketing place and provide platform for buyers and sellers.

Amazon offer anyone to earn from its money earning programs.

it is a trusted company and having millions of daily users.

I personally earning from these Amazon money earning programs I recently started a month ago and I earned 10k this month .

I prefer Amazon because its payment policies are good it pays time to time and the most important thing is it is an trusted brand.

Today I will show you how to get started to this money earning programs

so lets start the process …

Here are 4 way to earn money through Amazon and step by step procedure how to get started with these programs.

1. Refer & earn :-

It is a method by which you can earn unlimited just refer and earn.

it simple

you get 200 rupees for one referral and easy payment from Amazon

simply you have to refer the Amazon referral link by which anyone sign up for Amazon and will make purchase of above 300 rupees you will get 200 rupees and who make purchase also get 100 rupees.

just you have to refer the link and the person who sign up from that link and make purchase anytime in future you will get 200 rupees.

How to get started with this program ?

  1. Go to Amazon website and signin to your account. scroll down to bottom of website and you will see money making with us option under that there is option refer and earn. click on it.
  2. Now you will see referral link and sharing options you can share with link via 5 email addresses Or through Facebook, Twitter or you can also copy and paste the link on your own website
  3. whenever anyone sign up with your referral link and make a purchase of 300 and above you will get 200 rupees.
  4. Amazon pay you on monthly basis.

you can share link to your friend, relative, in your work area and anyone you know and make him or her sign up

it is in good option to earn good amount just referring link.

it take about 30 to 40 minutes daily to refer link.

suppose you refer to 100 people and 10 people sign up from your link and 3 people make an purchase and from this you earn 600 rupees a day.

That’s not bad.

so start today it is an totally free process.

2. Sell on amazon :-

Above process is part time process but if you want to earn with Amazon as a full-time option than this is a good option.

you can sell anything on Amazon you just need to select an category and buy that product from wholesaler at wholesale rate and Sell on Amazon with profit

is it that simple ?

yes there are 10 lakh seller sells on Amazon and I am also selling on Amazon

Because Amazon has Daliy million of Visitors and it providing an awesome platform for anyone to sell their product with million of buyers.

To become seller on Amazon you just need two things.

Tin number and bank account

you easily get TIN number visit to your nearby CA he/she will help you to get TIN number

you will get it within 3 days.

Now start selling…

How to get started with this program ?

  1. Go to amazon[dot]in and sign up with your account scroll down to bottom of site you will see an option that is sell on amazon
    Click on it…
  2. After that click on register now option then you have to enter your details like tin number, name, bank details to receive payment and just simple things
  3. after you fill up the details of submit your request
  4. Now your account is ready you just need to list your products on Amazon and start selling.

As you get an order you get a notification and you have to do packaging and they will come to your door step and they will delivers it to buyer.

You will Get payment within 15 days in your registered bank account.

You can also submit your inventory to Amazon warehouses and after that they will take care of packaging and delivering.

Start selling on amazon it is an good option to earn from home with few hour work.

3. Become an affiliate :-

In this method you will learn more than above two methods.

Because affiliate marketing become and favourite market now a days

There is a huge amount of money in this marketing ..

Also Many famous websites earn huge amount of money through affiliate marketing.

You just need to promote Amazon products and if anyone buy that product from your link then you will get an fair commission up to 12% .

To become an Amazon affiliate member you must have an website. thats it and earn money

it is an free and easy process to become an affiliate member.

How to become an Amazon affiliate ?

  1. Go to site amazon[dot]in and sign in from your account.Scroll down to bottom of site you will see an option that is become an affiliate click on it
  2. Then create an associate account fill up the necessary details like address, your website URL, profile info and after that you get your associate Central account
  3. Now search for a product you want to promote and get Link of that product from your associate account and put it on your website thats it now your task is over. relex !
  4. whenever anyone buy product from your link you will get Commission up to 12%

Tips :-

whenever you select any product to promote keep in mind that :-

  • The product have high ratings
  • product have good number of reviews and also
  • product is in Trend

if you are thinking that it is difficult task than you are wrong start today and I guaranteed that you will get good money with in a month.

suppose you got one buyer and he purchase your promoted product suppose it cost 1000 Rupees then you will get 120 rupees from the single sell by doing nothing.

it sounds good so start now .

4. Publish your e-book :-

If you love writing the covert it into earnings .

Amazon Kindle direct publishing provides you an platform to publish your own book with ease.

It is an simple and free process

Through this you can publish your book across world wide and also

If any one buy your book than you will get 70 % of original price of book

Also Original price of book is decided by author itself.

How to publish ?

  1. Visit kdp[dot]amazon[dot]com and sign in with your account.
  2. Fill up your personal detail, book details, tax information and bank details.
  3. Go to bookshelf.
  4. Create book title.
  5. Complete book regarding details like upload book content, confirm publishing rights, enter pricing details.
  6. Enter on publish button and after that your book become live within 48 hours.

It is an easy process . If you want to earn with your passion and publish your book now.
Also it is a good platform to become famous with your writing skills.

Join now the kindle world…

So these are the 4 ways by you can earn money through amazon.

These are the most genuine ways by which many people earning world wide.

So start today with any program you love.

If you like it comment below.

if you have any query related to above earning programs or any problem in getting started to these program comment your question below.

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