12 methods to speedup wordpress website.

by on April 23, 2017

Speedup wordpress

Hello technophile

Welcome to another exclusive edition of tech4infinitity. Today you will know about how to speedup wordpress website.

Do you want your website load under seconds?

I think yes,

everyone want this…

so keep reading…

According to research if a website take more than 3-4 seconds to load then it will lost16% users, 10% conversion lose, 12% less page view and 5% revenue loss.

If you want to get rid of this losses then apply below 12 methods to your website and get live result in loading time.

Recently Google announced that if you website take longer time To Load then it affects your site SEO and affects your Google search engine ranking and that is also affect your organic traffic.

In this article you will get 12 methods by which I personally speedup wordpress website and you will get instant results on your website also.

I guaranteed that these tips will boost your site speed so follow these tips and you will see how loading time affect your website SEO your website ranking also get better with your website speed.

So let’s start the process to speedup wordpress website….

Here are 12 tips to speedup wordpress website and improve your site SEO.

1).Remove plugins :-


First thing you have to do is remove plugins which are useless and you are not using them .

because they get your hosting space and increase loading time.

now check which plugin are consuming more time to load and decrease your website performance.

you can check this by a plugin called P3 performance plugin.

install this plugin and check which plugins are consuming much time to perform.
and uninstall those plugin who are not good for your website .

this will speedup wordpress website.

2). Image compression:-


To speedup WordPress website the main thing is to take care of image size.

images are of high resolution and slowdown website

There are many awesome plugin to compress images with retaining their original quality .

Use WP smush, shortpixe plugin to speedup wordpress website .

these plugin are free pluguns install any one image compression plugin and then it will automatically compress image size whenever you add a media to your wordpress website.

Image compression increases website speed to 20% which is a good number.

So speedup wordpress by compressing images.

3). Clear cache :-


cache slow down your website you have to clear them time to time.

There are many plugin to clear cache and speedup wordpress website.

I personally use W3 total Cache clear plugin to purge cache and this is an awesome plugin to deal with your site cache.

It will boost your website and you will notice a good result.

it is a free plugin you just need to install it and click on clear cache.

The other alternate to clear cache is WP super cache it is also in free plugin.

4). WordPress database optimization :-


The next step is to optimize your database weekly to speedup wordpress website.

There are many junk files in your database which will slow down your website.

Once you clean and optimise database in a week it will show positive results.

There are many plugin which are used to optimise WordPress database like WP database Optimizer.
it is the best and free plugin for Optimization.

it clear all your trash box, drafts and spam comments and optimize database table.

WP database Optimizer will speedup wordpress website to 10% and show how much junk data is cleared.

5). Minify JS and CSS :-


This is sounds like technical but I will show you how easily you can minified JS, CSS and HTML to speedup wordpress website.

JS, CSS are the white space in your website coding.

that mean we have to remove this all whitespace to minify code and free storage.

so you have to install a plugin and then it will done rest of the job for you.

Install autoptimize, WP minify (anyone) plugin this plugin minify all JavaScript and css and speedup wordpress website.

6). Turn off pingback and trackback :-


In WordPress there is a interaction between Each Other blogs.

and that is called pingback and trackback.

When blogs interats that means other blogs updating data on your post.

That will increase request and slow down speed.

Turning off pingback and trackback will not affect your site backlinks and SEO.

You can do it by simply following these steps.

Go to settings > discussion > uncheck allow notification from other block (pingback and trackback) on new articles.

So turn off pingback and trackback to speedup wordpress website.

7). Use lazy load images :-


it is also useful technique to speedup wordpress website whenever user visit your website and open article then all images are not loaded at once as user scroll down the images open according to user scrolling.

it make website loading speed good and make website user friendly .

to enable lazy load you just need to install plugin called jquery image lazy load or BJ lazy load and rest of the job is done by plugin itself.

Most of the time is taken by images to load as we apply lazy load then it will speedup wordpress to 15%.

8). Perfect host and theme :-


Website loading speed is depend on hosting you are using.

To speedup wordpress website you need to choose perfect hosting provider.

I personally use Godaddy hosting which is quite good.

hosting is the base of your website. It depends on hosting how speedly data is transferring between server and user.

So select base best hosting it matters…

now let us know about themes

Theme is also important factor in website loading speed.

here is a list of top 10 free wordpress theme.

There are some themes which are highly responsive and fully rich with SEO tactics.

so theme selection is important to speedup wordpress website.

9). Home page optimization :-


Home page is the most important page of your website it is the main landing page where user land.

So optimize home page and speedup wordpress website.

you can optimise is by doing following things :

  • reduce unwanted plugins.
  • reduce number of post on homepage..
  • include summary Instead of full article
  • No images for home page.
  • use minimum tools to speedup wordpress website.

keep it simple and clean so that it looks good and also speedup website.

10). Use content delivery network (CDN) :-


CDN is the best way to speedup wordpress website with less efforts.

CDN working :

it take all your files and let visitor download them as fast as possible by serving them file on server as close to them as possible.

so there are free and premium services available.

Free is cloudflare + W3 total cache.
Premium is max CDN.

11). Accelerated mobile page (AMP):-


It is a new technology by which when user click on your website take zero time to open post just like you are using any app.

it is also increase your Google ranking because loading time is reduced and it will improve your website SEO and speed up wordpress websites.

you just need to install a free AMP plugin and rest of the job is done by plugging it self.

12). Compress your file (Gzip compression):-


In this method your all files are compressed like on your computer a pdf and simple file is stored.

PDF file take less less space than simple file.
So for your website it also convert your files in zip format and compress it

and that increase storage and speedup wordpress website.

whenever user access your website first of all the users browser and unzip file and then user able to read your content.

you can easily apply this method by installing a free plugin called Gzip Ninja speed Optimization.

so after applying all about 12 method to your website I guaranteed that your website loading speed improve and it loads in 2-3 seconds which is awesome for Google search engine.

So these are the 12 method by which you can speedup WordPress website.

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